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Electric Cars to Lease

Electric Cars to Lease
09 June 2021

Tesla Model 3

Electric and hybrid cars are often criticised for their lack of visual attraction, with many believing sustainable vehicles to not be quite there when it comes to exterior design. However, this could not be further from the truth when looking at the Tesla Model 3; a truly stunning vehicle that is silent on the road but loud in style and character. And, it is just as fabulous on the inside. Boasting a 15-inch touchscreen, the Model 3 is not short on in-car tech, all of which can be accessed and controlled from the Vegan-friendly seating. Take a look at the lease deals we are offering on Tesla model 3 here. 

Renault Zoe Hatch

The Renault Zoe Hatch sports much more of a conventional electric car look, being small and incredibly compact. Having been referred to as a ‘futuristic beach buggy’ this vehicle is very basic. However, its limitations are somewhat refreshing, being all about getting from A to B without omitting any nasty fuels into the atmosphere. Plus, it is a doddle to find a parking space for! Find competitive deals to lease a Renault Zoe Hatch here.

Kia Soul Hatch

If it is quirkiness you are looking for in a car, then the Kia South Hatch is one for you. Successfully competing with cars like the Nissan Juke and Citroen C3 Aircross, this crossover is sizeable yet not too big; being the perfect car for an environmentally-conscious family. Learn more about this car and how much it will cost to lease here.

Volkswagen Golf 

The VW Golf is a highly-regarded hatchback; one that has stood the ultimate test of time. This is why when Volkswagen launched the all-electric version, we were all keen to get behind the wheel and see what the car was capable of. And, we were not disappointed, with the electric Golf being just as stylish and speedy as ever. Browse through the deals we can offer to lease an electric VW golf here.

Nissan NV200 e-NV200 Evalia

Last, but by no means least, we have the Nissan NV200 e-NV200 Evalia; an electric-powered van with a cargo capacity of 4.3m2. Growing in popularity with each month that passes, these vans are being leased by everyone from fleet managers to small enterprises, being quick, nimble and able to be charged in less than an hour. 

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