Lease GAP from APG

Lease Gap Insurance provides financial protection should your vehicle be declared a total loss by your motor insurance.



How Lease Gap Insurance Works

In the event your vehicle is declared a total loss by your motor insurer, APG Cover Lease Gap Insurance can provide you with a pay-out of up to £50,000 to cover the shortfall between your motor insurer settlement and the amount required to settle your lease agreement. Plus, you’ll get up to £2,500 towards your first three months' repayments of a new lease agreement for your replacement vehicle, as well as up to £250 towards your motor insurance excess, subject to your policy terms.

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Please note that due to Financial Conduct Authority regulations, you are unable to purchase this facility until one day after receipt of the information provided in the first email we sent you. Should you require more immediate cover however, you have the right to conclude a purchase on day 2 or day 3 after receiving your first email, by contacting APG Cover on the number above, or by visiting our website.

Can you give me an example?

If you leased your car with a purchase value of £21,500, and a year or so later when it’s written off the outstanding finance is £22,200. Your insurer will pay out the market value, which could be as little as £14,600, leaving you with a shortfall of as much as £7,600. If you have Gap Insurance however, this will be covered in full, subject to your policy terms.

Plus you’ll get up to £2,500 towards your first three monthly payments on your replacement lease agreement, as well as an additional £250 towards your motor insurance excess.

Here's what you can expect from APG Gap Insurance

30 days to make up your mind, with no risk

If you decide within 30 days that you don’t need to cover any shortfall from your motor insurer, APG Cover will return your premium to you in full as long as you haven’t made a claim

There’s no mileage limit once your cover starts

There’s no mileage limits apply once your cover has started, so you can drive as far as you need to and continue to benefit from complete protection.

There are no hidden charges

If you need to amend your policy, there will be no charges at all for this during its lifetime. Just give call APG Cover and they’ll update it for you.

A quick and easy claims process

The professional, UK-based claims advisors will ensure you’ll have no hassles with your claim, and they’ll pay it out directly to you within days!

You can make free-of-charge policy amendments

There’s no charge for any amendments you need to make to your policy. A simple call is all it’ll take, and they’ll happily help you out.

You can cancel without obligation

You can cancel more than 30 days after your cover’s started, with no questions asked. You’ll get a pro-rata refund, less a small administration fee, as long as you haven’t claimed.

Here are some exclusions to be made aware of.

There are a few reasons a policy may not provide cover, or a vehicle might not be eligible for cover. Some of these include:

  • If the vehicle is more than seven years old, or does not appear in Glass’s Guide, or your monthly rental payment is more than £2,000 per month, it will not be eligible for cover.
  • Commercial vehicles, vehicles over 3,500kgs, or vehicles designed to carry more than eight people are not eligible for cover.

  • If the vehicle is not covered by a comprehensive motor insurance policy, or the driver of the vehicle at the time of the loss is not listed as a named driver on the comprehensive motor insurance policy, any claim made will not be valid.

  • The policy will not provide cover if the driver of the vehicle at the time of loss does not hold a valid driving license, or is intoxicated, or is under the influence of non-prescription drugs.

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